Safe Hopeful Healthy BR Attends Violence Prevention Convening at The White House

June 19, 2024

Courtney Scott, Strategic Director, and Jazzika Matthews, Director of Programs and Operations, represented Baton Rouge at the White House's Gun Violence Prevention Convening. The gathering brought together over 80 leaders from state and local Offices of Violence Prevention (OVPs) across 50 cities to address shared challenges, collaboration strategies, and awareness of gun violence prevention.The Biden-Harris Administration showcased federal resources to support our work, highlighting grants for job training, funding for law enforcement in underserved communities, and mental health services in schools. These resources, now more accessible, align with the administration’s commitment to empowering community leaders like us.More investment and national convenings like these allow us to reach even more of our community with needed resources, new strategies, and general awareness of violence prevention.

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