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Addressing Violence Through the Public Health Lens

Violence is a public health epidemic, and it will spread without a prevention and intervention strategy.

Law Enforcement cannot deliver public safety on their own.  Community plays a major role in our overall Public Safety.

Public health uses data as a foundation to understand how frequently violence occurs, where it occurs, trends in violence, victims and perpetrators, and then uses these data to engage stakeholders in the development of community solutions to prevent violence, promote healing, and restore communities

Our approach to Building a
community-led public safety ecosystem

In September 2020,Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome established Safe Hopeful Healthy BR, within the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, to develop a collective vision and strategy to strengthen coordination, capacity, and partnerships to address the root causes of violence, and to advance policies and practices that are grounded in a culture of health.

By developing a public safety ecosystem, a diverse coalition of stakeholders, including survivors, advocates, and community partners work collaboratively to prevent all forms of violence and promote healing through four pillars.

Theory of change

15%  Reduction in gun violence Year Over Year by utilizing a 3-pronged approach of law enforcement, community-based strategies, and mental health and human services.

SHHBR prioritizes building capacity for Community-Based strategies and proven methodologies that complement law enforcement.

Programs & Initiatives

Safe communities

Safe Hopeful Healthy BR centers community as core partners to serve as the leaders in Community Violence Intervention (CVI) and Group Violence Intervention (GVI). Our current service partners are:

- The Baton Rouge Community Street Team
- C.H.A.N.G.E
- 100 Black Men

These teams reach out to those at the center of gun violence in their communities, build relationships, and work to support healing and address conflict through nonviolent means, including de-escalation and mediation.

Service offerings may include other forms of support like housing, education, mental health, and employment opportunities.

School-Outreach Dream Academy

The Safe Hopeful Healthy BR School-Outreach Dream Academy (SODA) is currently partnered with 5 High Schools across East Baton Rouge Parish to provide students, their families, and the surrounding community with personal and professional development resources to become their best selves.

Through SODA, each school is eligible for the following supports:

- School-Based Outreach
- Safe Hopeful Healthy Classroom
- Safe Passage

Safe Hopeful Neighborhoods

Safe Hopeful Neighborhood (SHN) serves as the hub of neighborhood engagement for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome's Office, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, and Build BR. SHN is a citizen-based portal that connects people to city systems, providing residents the resources improve their lives, create change in their neighborhoods,

- Resident Leadership Training
- Community Project Grants
- Civic Association Grants
- Community Event Grants
- Neighborhood Clean-Up Tools

National Initiatives

White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative (CVIC)

DOJ's Public Safety Partnership

A coalition of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and community workers have announced the East Baton Rouge Public Safety Partnership, an action plan with the Department of Justice to reduce gun violence throughout the parish.

The partnership includes all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in EBR, US Attorney’s and District Attorney’s Office, Safe, Hopeful, Healthy BR, and mayor-president’s office.

Cities United Roadmap Academy

Cities United Roadmap Academy aims to increase knowledge/collaborations & lead cities to implement comprehensive public safety plans.

This city-to-city network brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, while centering the voices and experiences of young Black men and boys.  Teams from partner cities learn and work side by side, centered on Cities United’s Roadmap to Safe, Healthy, and Hopeful Communities. 

Coalition to Advance Public Safety (CAPS)

Baton Rouge has joined three other cities across the country in a violence intervention cohort advised by the recently launched Coalition to Advance Public Safety (CAPS). The partnership includes four nationally recognized agencies: Community Based Public Safety Collective; Health Alliance for Violence Intervention (HAVI); National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR); and Cities United who are working cities to advance best practices, strategies, and operational planning based on lessons learned in support of the Biden Administration’s 18-month long White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative (CVIC). 

The CAPS initiative will allow city leaders and local community violence intervention (CVI) organizations to expand their current action plans, with a goal to reduce gun homicides and non-fatal shootings by 20% over five years. 

Official Partners

EBR Community partners

Big Buddy
Healthcare Centers in Schools
A.G.I.L.E Planning Solutions
100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge
Set Free Addiction
Baton Rouge Community Street Team
My Brother's Keeper Baton Rouge
Assisi House
Southern University Center for Social Research
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
The BRidge Agency
Family and Youth Service Center

EBR Community partners

Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge
Humanities Amped
Division of Human Development and Services
The Butterfly Society
NAACP of Baton Rouge
The Bridge Center for Hope
Community Against Drugs and Violence
Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge
Together BR
Baton Rouge North Economic Development District
Volunteers in Public Schools
United Excel Social Justice Institute


Cities United
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Community Based Public Safety Collective
Health Alliance for Violence Intervention
Equal Justice USA
Health Resources in Action
Newark Community Street Team

NATIONAL initiatives

White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative (CVIC)
National League of Cities Race Equity and Leadership (REAL) Council
DOJ's Public Safety Partnership
Cities United Roadmap Academy

Our Approach



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